Our wealth of services cover most needs in the field of architecture. At a time of constant change and with the deep financial crisis particularly affecting our industry, R22 architects has adapted its budgets and keeps its knowledge constantly up-to-date regarding new technologies, materials, renewable energy, sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings.

New builds, refurbishment, renovation and interior design
  • Building a new house or reforming an existing one is one of the most important investment decisions that can be made in a lifetime. The outcome of these decisions largely affects the well-being and heritage of our families.

  • That is why it is essential to have skilled professionals to help carry out these works successfully, without unnecessary expenses and guaranteeing a quality, well-finished product that meets our needs and aesthetic preferences.

Environmental licence, Environmental responsibility statement or Communication of innocuous activity
  • In order to open a business, Law 6/2014, of 25 July, on the Prevention, Quality and Environmental Control of Activities must be taken into account.

  • Depending on the greater or lesser potential for impact on the environment, the facilities and activities are subject to any of the environmental instruments: a) Integrated environmental authorisation, b) Environmental licence, c) Ambiental responsability declaration, or d) Communication of innocuous activities.

Building Assessment Report. Valencia Regional Community


Energy efficiency certification, auditing and energy retrofitting of buildings
  • Royal Decree-Law 8/2011, of 1 July, establishes that all buildings with the following characteristics must be subject to regular technical inspections in order to guarantee the correct conditions and proper conservation:

  • 1. More than 50 years old

  • 2. Primarily residential use

  • 3. Located in towns with a population of over 25,000

  • Today, building without thinking about energy efficiency can be a poor investment.

  • The purchase value of property is largely conditioned by energy efficiency.

  • Living in an energy-deficient house may be an unending source of problems and financial loss.

Health and safety studies, plans and coordinationud
Drafting certificates, authorisations and reports
  • R22 architects undertakes health and safety studies and takes care of coordination during the execution of any kind of works.o de obra.

Property valuations and appraisals
  • There are many situations in life in which it is essential to correctly value a property or real estate in order to manage certain procedures or make sound investment decisions.

  • For various reasons, intervention is required from a professional architect to check and certify the status and conditions of the property. R22 architects will always find what you need.

Surveying, measurements and budgets
  • Everything related to measuring plots and buildings, as well as surveying and budgets on possible interventions to ensure there are no problems and a minimal cost..

Computer graphics, design and model makinguetismo
  • R22 architects offers all kinds of photorealistic images and animations from 3D plans, a drawing or just an idea.

  • The company can generate a virtual image of your home, of your reform or of your future business, so that you can visualise the end result of the project.


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