Bassetes House 1401

Refurbishment and extensión of single family home

Location: L’Atzúvia – Marina Alta  · Project: 2014 · Construction: 2014-15 · Total floor area: 172 m2 · Architect: Pere Joan Pons · Technical architect: Vicent Torres · Collaborators: MªJosé Siscar (arquitecta) · Contractor: Construcciones NIASO · Photography: Maria Estrada

This project consists in a complete refurbishment with a new distribution in order to improve the habitability conditions and energetic efficiency, as well as adapt the home to the client’s esthetic criteria. The project has been fulfilled taking into account the urban planning law of Atzúvia municipality, the existing construction and plot characteristics. The client’s needs are the basis of this project, as the spaces have been designed to accommodate a bigger family and the new uses that this entails.