Capità Sendra House

Rehabilitation and extension of a single family home

Location: Pego – Marina Alta · Project: 2016 · Construction: 2016 · Total floor area: 145 m2 · Architect: Pere Joan Pons · Collaborators: Emili Portes · Contractor: Ceresola-Sendra, S.L. · Photography: Maria Estrada – Mel Media

The intervention consists in updating the ground and first floors, so to meet the functional needs of its residents; revising the existing roof; controlling the humidity problems in the ground floor and basement; and redesigning the façade. In contraposition to the fragmentation and compartimentation of spaces found in most of the houses in this area, we propose a change of distribution so as to free the space, obtain a new open space and directly related to the renovated patio. The revision and update of the structure consists in reinforcing the wooden joist flooring and ceramic beam fills, redesigning and changing the location of the stairs that go up to the first floor, and lastly acting on the load bearing walls.

With the rehabilitation we have revaluated the existing patio, turning it into the main space of the house providing light and ventilation. We have prioritized the use of primary materials with hardly any treatment, which build an ambience of great plasticity and aesthetic values that take us bake to the vernacular architecture.

Building process