Jaume I House

Rehabilitation and extension of a single family home

Location: Pego – Marina Alta · Project: 2014 · Construction: 2014-2015 · Total floor area: 318 m2 · Architect: Pere Joan Pons · Technical architect: Vicent Torres · Collaborators: Alambilab · Contractor: Alberto Sendra · Photography: Maria Estrada – Mel Media


A Single family house of the 50s, has been completely emptied in order to adapt to the needs of the new occupants. The guiding idea is the Mediterranean patio house: open to nature, light, water and the sun, but with the control of light and temperature, also playing with the contrast of the brightness of the white walls and the inner shadows. The patio is inspired by the closed orchards of the Greek house, the Roman Vila or the Arab courtyards, the small medieval gardens and the monastic cloisters, the houses of the Marina and the islands. The interior and exterior space are unified. The herringbone ceramic pavement of the patio and the glass wall mark the limit. This patio is closely related to the open rooms, extending visually and with daily use.

Long views are obtained from inside the house. Sequences with contrasts of luminosity that are multiplied from the real dimension, creating an illusion of great amplitude. The house is configured in two large longitudinal axes: One from the street entrance, which runs through the entire house, from a wooden gate and which is the axis of distribution and communication. The other from the bay window of the library-lounge, which goes from the street to the back of the house through the patio. Efforts have been made to ensure that traffic flows are minimal and that the independence of private areas is maximum and essential. In addition, the common spaces have been designed to facilitate maximum versatility and multifunctionality. The sound and the Mediterranean light are used to the maximum in winter and are controlled in summer by blinds, curtains and parasols that filter and play with the light.