Llibreria Publics

Remodeling of the main entrance to the bookstore

Location: Dénia – Marina Alta · Project: 2022 · Architect: Pere Joan Pons

“Books do not replace life, but life does not replace books either” (Joan Fuster).

The shop window and access to the Públics bookstore have been renovated with the entrance to a cultural point of reference in the city of Dénia and the Marina Alta. The facade becomes the icon of the bookstore, the focus of the gaze that enters from the public space into the interior through a diaphanous, clear and luminous passage.

The Publics bookshop opens to the outside through the showcase and the access passage in a global conception of the space. Your product is exposed to the gaze of the passerby, inviting him to enter. The kindness of the shapes and the colors chosen for the facade remind us of the backs of books, they show the contents of the establishment and the multiple offer.

The face of the Públics bookshop acquires its own and unmistakable personality in a commercial and public meeting environment. The design and lighting show us all the warmth and attraction of books. We are facing a commercial space for culture, information and current affairs, difficult to do without and impossible to replace with the coldness of the screens.