Sant Vicent House

Newly built single family home

Location: El Ràfol d’Almúnia – Marina Alta  · Project: 2020 · Construction: In construction· Total floor area: 233 m2 · Architect: Pere Joan Pons · Collaborations: Maria José Siscar (architect)· Technical architect: Pere Joan Pons

This order consists in the edification of a single-family dwelling on a corner plot situated in the urban pattern of the village of Ràfol d’Almunia. This project was born from well defined and clear ideas based on the necessities of the couple and their commitment to build a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly home.

The dwelling is formed by an L shaped volume attached to both façades of the plot, with an interior patio unto which all spaces of the house overlook. The presence of windows in the exterior and interior façades placed facing each other, allow natural air flow through the whole house, thus achieving to lower temperatures. Over the higher floor, and in line with the urban planning law, a flat roof sits, oriented towards the south in manner of a solarium, accessed through two big glass surfaces covered by a corbel, specifically designed and dimensioned to protect from the high summer sun and to allow the low winter sun to enter.